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Ontario Health Card O.H.I.P

O.H.I.P. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) will be your health insurance card in province of Ontario. Under the Health Insurance Act, all residents of Ontario receive health coverage. This entitles you to a wide range of free medical services, hospitalization, etc. (except drugs, dental care, some cosmetic surgeries etc.). This coverage may vary in other provinces. Every member of your family who is a resident of Ontario may need to fill out a separate application form. The officers will normally ask for a S.I.N. card and a valid address confirmed by a building manager or superintendent. Sometimes you may apply by saying that you live with a friend and the apartment is in his/her name.

The Ontario Ministry of Health will inform you when your health coverage begins. The Health Card usually gets delivered in three months. It has your picture and a number on it. You can take a copy of the card with you and keep the original card in a safe place. You need the original when you visit a doctor or when you go to the hospital.

For the period of 2-3 months when you are not covered you may consider buying insurance.

For those who are over 65 years of age the card is called Health 65 and provides more benefits than the regular Health Card.

You can find more information about O.H.I.P. Card visit:


Our service for new comers in this case is providing guidance and full instruction of how to obtain your O.H.I.P. card. One of our representatives will ride you to the places you need to go and fill the application forms.

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