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Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)

Social Insurance Number card contains a unique number and your full name. It allows you to work in Canada and use government benefits such as child tax benefit. You need S.I.N. card to obtain other cards (driving license, O.H.I.P.,...)

"To apply for a Social Insurance Number, you must complete an application form and provide an original or true certified copy of a primary document that proves your identity and status in Canada. You must also provide a supporting document if the name on your primary document is different from the one you are currently using. It is important that documents are originals or true certified copies and that they are written in English or French. " - Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)

Apply for this card by visiting one of the HRDC offices in Canada (recommended), or download the application form and apply by mail:

If you apply by mail, you must mail your completed application form, identity document(s), and fee for replacement card (if applicable) to:

Social Insurance Registration
P.O. Box 7000
Bathurst, New Brunswick
E2A 4T1

For more information about Social Insurance Number , HRDC web site at: visit:

A representative will assist the client in completing the forms necessary for obtaining a social insurance number, and will accompany the client to a Human Resources Development Canada office for filing of the application.


Our service for new comers in this case is providing guidance and full instruction of how to obtain their S.I.N card. One of our representatives will ride you to the places you need to go and filling the application forms.